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Author's Pro-Velikovsky Slants

Olof Rudbeck's Atlantis
Influenza 1918, A Venus Connection?, (Russian)
Venus Atmosphere Temperature and Pressure Profiles
Influenza Periodicity
Sunspot Activity, Venus Inferior Conjunctions, and Biological Events
1st Quarter 2001 Influenza Data Analysis (USA)
Global Developments: Spring-Summer 2001
Influenza A(H1N2)
USA Influenza Activity 2001-2002
West Nile Virus Outbreaks, 1937-2002
USA Influenza Activity 2002-2003 - Including SARS information.
USA Influenza Activity 2003-2004
Venus Transit: Biohazard?
USA Fluwatch.com Activity, Summers of 2002, 2003 and 2004
USA Influenza Activity 2004-2005
Calculated Dates of Venus Inferior Conjunctions
GRB 990510 and a Solar Wind Problem
Oedipus and Akhnaton
Peleg's World or how the Red Sea really got its name.
Personal Notes on Velikovsky
The Virgin (Ha Almah)
Velikovsky's Water Mountain(s)
A Search for Interplanetary and Atmospheric Microbial Delivery Systems (Poster)
Is Venus A New Planet? HTML - PPT

Shade Tree Physics